About April’s Credit Repair

Why did you start Aprils Credit Repair?

I started my company, because I was in the credit business for a long time, and I started helping my family and friends take control of their bad credit situations.  It makes me Qso happy to help others and i know my purpose in life is to share my knowledge to help people ,and I am passionate about it.

What makes your process different than most credit repair companies?

Other credit repair companies like to charge a monthly fee, and work on just a couple accounts a month so they drag on the process and a year later, you may have  a better score.  We do things differently!  We take care of all the  inaccuracies that we see right away to speed the process up and get your scores higher in the shortest amount of time.

You created your own software for your customers to find discrepancies easier, tell me more?

So I developed my own proprietary software  that is designed for time efficient data to go straight to the credit bureaus so we don/t waste any time.  This software allows our processors and affiliates to completely keep record of all of our clients that we work personally with.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started  is to call me or one of our credit specialists, so we can pull a full credit report for you, and discuss a comprehensive plan that will result in a much higher credit scores  as quickly as possible.

What is the cost?

Our Cost depends on each individual report, typically between $199 -$899. I understand the fee may be difficult for a family, so I love giving discounts in those situations.|

What makes April’s credit repair unique?

What is included?

We include a free consultation to map out the perfect plan for each individual, We also include credit counseling, and up to 6 months of credit repair.

When will I see results?

You will typically see results in  about 2-5 weeks, and possibly a 100 point jump depending on the credit report.

Will you help me dispute errors on my credit report?

Initially, we dispute every inaccurate account we see right away,  so we don’t waste any time.

How long does our contract last?

Our contract lasts up to 6 months. After the amount of time we spend together, you should be ready to be approved for the loans you are applying for.|

Do you share our personal information with anyone?

We proudly use Natural Networks. That is a question we hear a lot because of all the data breeches with the credit reporting companies Our companies servers are highly secure with comprehensive security solutions for high availability mission control websites. All of your personal information is securely held and not shared with anyone.

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